Blue Skies

Blessed Year 2022!

I hope you had a wonderful end of the year filled with the presence of the Lord in your lives and families.
Christmas is a time to share and enjoy with those we love.

But as believers and aware of our responsibility in this new season we resume our assignment with responsibility and expectation of what God will do in this new year 2022.

Many prophets worldwide have spoken of a great harvest of souls for this time and of an active participation of the saints in a powerful move of the Holy Spirit manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven in every corner of the earth.

That is why I want to invite you to join this intentional movement of fasting and prayer for that great harvest.
This generation is being called and touched by God for great things.


That is why the darkness is in a constant struggle to steal from us what by legal right belongs to us.

The trumpet is sounding in each territory to go out to war and we will have to kill the giants assigned to our vigil.  

The next Generation will not have to inherit our giants.  

We will begin a fast from 10 to 30 January 2022 and weekly we will have a specific prayer assignment.

Everyone who feels called and touched to join this movement is welcome.

Join the wave of the Holy Spirit and be part of the Lord's move for this time!


Thanks for joining!
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