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Children practice among themselves as laboratories how to pray for the sick while developing 

Faith to accompany with works what they believe,Underestimating the faith of children is the                                          most common mistake of the traditional Church.

Apostle Rubén Arroyo

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    CIDRA Kids Ministry is the children's ministry of CIDRA Church

  which provides teachings to children from 2 to 13 years of age. We have an excellent group of teachers who teach children that there is no such thing as a little Holy Spirit and that they are instruments of God from an early age.



I am Deyanile Diaz and I have practiced as a teacher for over 25 years. When I came to CIDRA Church in 2006, I recognized that my calling was to teach and that is how in 2009 I started serving in children's ministry. Since then, I have decided to focus on God's dream about generations. I am passionate about children, I like to enjoy every moment with them, becoming one of them. My focus is on them living the love of God through their encounters with Him and with others. I am sure that every word planted in your hearts will bear fruit throughout your life, generation after generation.


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