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It represents the evangelistic and missionary arm of CIDRA Church, taking to territories the message of the gospel of salvation with demonstration of signs, generosity and benevolence.

Apostle Rubèn Arroyo 

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       Army of the lord

It is not denominational. Nor does it operate under the regulations of a council or ecclesiastical governmental structure, although it does operate under the official coverage of CIDRA Church. It is composed of believers who love to learn, train and grow in strategies that allow them to fulfill the mandate of the evangelization of nations, transforming territories through missions that represent the characteristics described above.

Every soldier who militates in our ranks is committed to his call to this supreme divine assignment.

What initially began as a local church design, has become an international reality through the organization and operation of Territorial Militias in multiple nations that operate with and under the same design, with the CIDRA Church Apostolic Center as its base and headquarters. , Fl. But operating according to the particular realities of each territory with logistics that impact the reality of their communities.

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